Ending the Death Penalty: A Bipartisan Effort

  • Roy Brown 
     "The sad truth about the death penalty is it is much more expensive. The courts do not disperse justice equally. It is not a deterrent. And sometimes, yes, sometimes they are innocent." http://mtccadp.com/roy-brown/
  • Christy Clark 
     It is time for Conservatives to do what they do best and insist that a wasteful inefficient government program gets off the books. 
  • Gary Marbut 
     The government does not and should not possess the ability to kill people for retribution or restoration. http://mtccadp.com/gary-marbut/
  • Ron Paul 
     For federal purposes I no longer believe in the death penalty. I believe it has been issued unjustly. http://mtccadp.com/ron-paul
  • John Feehery 
    Conservative Pundit 
     "Once you kill the accused, you can't really turn back the clock. If the system turns out to be wrong, as it does on occasion, saying you are sorry doesn't do much good. " http://mtccadp.com/john-feehery/
  • Jay Sekulow 
    Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice 
     "Who amongst anyone is not above redemption? I think we have to be careful in executing final judgment. The one thing my faith teaches me—I don’t get to play God." http://mtccadp.com/jay-sekulow/
  • Larry Klayman 
    former prosecutor and founder of the conservative foundation, Judicial Watch 
     "How is it that conservatives generally believe in 'life,' but are very willing to allow a corrupt and hugely flawed court system to condemn someone to death?" http://mtccadp.com/larry-klayman/
  • Karen Pfahler 
    Karen Pfaehler is the former vice-chair of the Montana State Republican Party. She is a small-business owner from Bozeman and is active in Republican politics. 
     "As a conservative, I celebrated the vote [to repeal the death penalty] as a reflection of our values to be efficient and judicious with taxpayer dollars and to rid our government of programs that don’t work." http://mtccadp.com/karen-pfahler/
  • Richard Viguerie 
    Known as one of the  
     "Conservatives have every reason to believe the death penalty system is no different from any politicized, costly, inefficient, bureaucratic, government-run operation, which we conservatives know are rife with injustice. But here the end result is the end of someone's life."  http://mtccadp.com/richard-viguerie/

Bringing an end to the death penalty is no longer an issue that appeals only to Democrats. Many Republicans in Montana and across the country are waking up to the fact that our death penalty system is irreparably broken and that life without parole is a much better alternative. Around this site we have several reasons that conservatives should oppose the death penalty.